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Coaching Packages

Choose the right package for you

I provide one-to-one and senior leadership team coaching to help people achieve their business outcomes and realise their full potential.

This could be a single coaching session, a series of coaching walks or a full coaching programme including 1:1, Group and In the Moment Coaching Sessions.  

My specific areas of expertise are:

Reconnecting with your team:

In todays dynamic business environment, change is a constant as organisations transform and strive to remain relevant and competitive. Reconnecting with your teams as they navigate this transformation is critical to maintaining business performance. I work with leaders and senior leadership teams to increase levels of engagement, alignment and achievement of business outcomes.

Reconnecting with your purpose & developing your strategy:

I support leaders and senior leadership teams to clarify their organisation's purpose, vision and values and then develop their strategic plans. 

Reconnecting with your career and network:

Returning to work after a career break or making a career change can be daunting. I work with people to ensure that they manage this transition with clear purpose and confidence, leveraging their network to successfully secure the right next role.

Coaching Packages: Services
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