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What my clients say

"Thank you for today, I have done a lot of management courses and development sessions over the years and can sincerely say it was one of the best and most thought provoking I have ever been involved in."

Gregg Wilson
District Manager


"I read a quote once by John Dewey that said “we do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience.”  It sounds pretty straight forward, but if it was, we would all be amazing human beings reflecting on how we can be better at everything and then applying that learning constantly.  So I think drawing out of someone what they have learnt, what they have really learnt in brilliantly focused reflection and then helping them do something different, and something better as a result is a magical gift.  And there’s no one more gifted at that than Liz.  The impact of her coaching is not just extraordinary for those being coached, it goes beyond that with the tangible difference it makes to so many others who then benefit from what changed too.  For me, working with Liz gave me pride in being an outlier with a dream and I’ve stopped trying to fit in and play safe.  For my company, that means we have invested much further in learning with wellbeing at the heart and thousands of people will benefit from that in the years to come. I would highly recommend Liz to anyone who is ready to do amazing work that matters and needs a little bit of magic to get there."

Dan Curtis 

Head of talent 


Reconnect Business Coaching were appointed to support and develop the Senior Leadership Team at the National Army Museum in delivering new ways of working to achieve our full potential as a high performing team and strengthen cross departmental working. Through a range of one-to-one, group and in-the-moment coaching sessions, the SLT were provided with a framework of support and guidance to become better aligned to each other and the needs of the organisation, whilst continuing to professionally develop as individuals. Liz, Katie and Bill delivered the sessions immaculately; they are professional, nurturing and always in good humour, and it was a pleasure to have had  the opportunity to work with them.

Teresa Scott

Assistant Director (Human Resources)

The National Army Museum

"Working with Liz has helped me progress in my understanding of my own goals, strengths and options, helping me to think differently about my career and be proactive in my progression. I've really valued our conversations, as she asks insightful questions, challenges me on my assumptions and gives me a language to articulate problems and solutions previously undefined. I've now got some practical steps to take in the short term and better defined goals for the longer term, which has given me more confidence as I contemplate future career progression."

Grace Kokkinos
Marketing Manager
Cancer Research UK

"My sessions with Liz were hugely valuable, and I got a lot from our time together. Liz strikes a great balance between challenging and supportive, always creating a safe environment but ensuring more tricky topics are fully explored. I left each session with clear actions that were easy to follow and implement in my day-to-day life, so felt like I continued to get value outside of just the sessions themselves. I would highly recommend working with Liz."

Holly Holt
Senior Marketing Programme Manager
Cancer Research UK

"Working with Liz has helped me review my approach as I transition from a manager to a leader.   She provided useful tools to consider when engaging with staff members and encouraging them to consider other points of view while also taking into account their perspective and how they may react to certain conversations."

Andy Wright
Global Investment Management Company

"The coaching I received from Liz has been absolutely invaluable in increasing my confidence, ability to effectively manage challenging stakeholders and build networks with more senior staff. Liz’s ability to succinctly playback what she is hearing and frame questions openly was essential in supporting me to progress in our time together. Liz was brilliant in quickly building trust and a safe environment for honest conversation- whether this be face to face or over Skype. I found all the sessions really helpful and came out motivated and energised. I really could not recommend Liz enough."

Jessica Hudson
Senior Programme Manager
Cancer Research UK

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